Barococorico came out of my love of baroque ornamentation. Although the austere repetitions of minimalist music have a place in my heart, I’ve always found something magical about the trills and frills of Bach, Rameau, etc. My big question to Matteo Gemolo, the director of Europa Ritrovata before I started composing the piece was, “Is ornamentation just decoration, or does it serve a deeper musical purpose?” He answered yes–mordents and trills are the adjectives of Baroque grammar, completely inseparable from the rest of the notes they describe. I began to wonder if it was possible to create a piece completely out of ornaments. It would be a bit like baking a cake made entirely of frosting. I began my research with Bach’s table of ornaments. The main motive of the piece is “Doppelt-Cadence und Mordant” which has a beautiful symmetry and contains both a trill and a mordent. My goal was to push this little musical idea to its breaking point.