Featured Event: Burning as it Runs

Burning as it Runs expresses the complex relationship between the common understanding of linear time and the possibility of embracing the indescribable, incomprehensible dance of life. This work involves a duet performance, live sculpture, and the projection of a 16mm film shot in the nothingness of the White Sands Desert. The immediate presence of the physical body in the right-now dances in tension with the nostalgia, imagination, and dream of the film, expressing a longing to understand one’s dynamic relationship with the void.”

– Lucy Kerr, artist and dancer

JUNE 5 & 6, 2015 8pm
58 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY

Burning as it Runs
And I dream of a different soul
Dressed in other clothes
Burning as it runs
From timidity to hope
Spirituous and Shadowless
Like fire it travels the earth
Leaves lilac behind on the table
To be remembered by