New Music for New Instruments

Today’s composers typically compose for instruments that were developed a century ago or more, while modern instrument builders develop, build, promote, compose for, and perform their own creations. But the partnership of music and instruments is an ever­-evolving story. The interaction of composers and builders is central to the development of the musical language of our time, and new instruments are often the instigators of new directions or new genres.

“New Music for New Instruments” is a program of new works created through the collaboration of instrument builders, Andy Cavatorta, Merche Blasco, and Nick Yulman working together with composers, Angelica Negron, Albert Behar, Fjola Evans and Molly Herron. Each artist has a voice in the creation, exploring the potential of the instruments and allowing the music be affected by the instruments it is written for. The result is a conversation about music and the potential of new sounds and new interfaces for engaging dynamic performances that reopen the dialogue between composers and new instrument builders.