Ventana Magazine


Sound Journey
by Andrea Kitay
May 1, 2011

Music, like art and literature, is a discipline prone to subjective analysis, largely disconnected from its more objective cousins math and science. Live long enough and you’ll watch each new generation in its unique self-expression explore new, sometimes bizarre and always controversial art forms to make sense of the world. In this struggle to express fresh, new ideas, we see glimpses of genius.

Enter 19-year old New York University junior Albert Behar, the Ojai-raised music protégé whose mélange of technology and music composition has become a vehicle for his profound disregard of what he sees as the deadening of the internal musician in all of us. A product of homeschooling, early enrollment in community college, and a year abroad in Rennes, France, Behar is on a fast track in the New Music movement. One of his greatest influences has been the kinetic sculpturist and sound artist Gerhard Trimpin, whose Sound Arch installation at the entrance to Libbey Bowl will welcome guests to this year’s Ojai Music Festival. Behar’s intense interest in combining technology, music, and humans is, simply put, cutting edge.

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