Ventura County Star


Ojai teen’s team will set pace in Music Festival performance
by Lisa McKinnon
June 5, 2007

It wasn’t the first time Albert has come to the festival’s aid, and it won’t be the last: As the event’s unofficial go-to guy for questions about electronics and music, he will help with the performances of two works when the festival opens Thursday for a run through Sunday in Ojai’s Libbey Bowl.

Presenting a bigger challenge, however, will be the opening-night performance of a work that requires more manpower and organizational skills than electricity and laptops: Gyrgy Ligeti’s “PoĆ©me symphonique,” written for 100 metronomes. The metronomes will be arranged on tables on and around the stage, set at different tempos and then started as simultaneously as possible.

“It’ll build up and just be cacophonic clicking sort of like a popcorn factory (or) fireworks going off,” Albert said. “It’s going to be fun, but, on the other hand, the rhythms are really complicated.”

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